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Uplevel: Our 2024 Typography Guide

Uplevel: Our 2024 Typography Guide

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Need to elevate and uplevel your typography?  Need help with choosing fonts, pairing fonts, and all of these mysterious rules? Look no further! Our newly updated 2024 Typography guide is perfect for students, small business entrepreneurs, and any designer who needs a typography refresh. Full of links to books, accounts to follow, online courses. Contains resources for finding fonts and some font pairings you can use right now!

-Easy to use pdf. No need for any additional software, you only need Adobe Acrobat or you can open directly in Google Chrome.
-Links for additional reading and research
-Covers typography basics, do's and don'ts, where to find fonts, provides 8 free type pairings, and tons of links to resources and education, as well as accounts to follow.

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